Aural Delights 74

A bit of a special this week with a focus on the work of Lisa Liu a New York based musician who has just released a solo album as Las Lanas – so a couple of tracks from that and a look back over her career with music from some of  her other bands – Danger, Giant Ranger!, Renminbi and Magnetic Island. There’s another compare and contrast from the recent Staggs remix EP against the original version of the track, plus a lot more new material but to kick off back to the second album from The Pretty Things……


  1. The Pretty Things – Buzz The Jerk – Get The Picture!
  2. Staggs – Nice (Bedroom Legends Mix) – Smart Husband Resonator Set
  3. Las Lanas – Lie & Sow – The Blind Year
  4. Danger, Giant Ranger! – The Stadium – Single
  5. Magnetic Island – Cuernos – I don;t hear a hit – The Singles Vol 1
  6. Renminbi – Portland – Surface
  7. Magnetic Island – End In Bender – Out at Sea
  8. Las Lanas – Carry Me – The Blind Year
  9. Timber Timbre – Beat the Drum Slowly – Hot Dreams
  10. The Confederate Dead – Already Dead – It Was Meant to Happen
  11. The Dials – Feedback – The Dials
  12. Phil Mill – Outside World – Panoramic Water Tower
  13. Johann Kloos – The End of the Pier – Lovely Memories
  14. The Coathangers – Follow Me – Suck My Shirt
  15. Moff Skellington – Glanced In Petrifying  Moon – Villages of Bicycle Rain
  16. Staggs – Nice (Reality Control Mix) – Demo
  17. The Fall – New Big Prinz – I Am Kurious Oranj

Lisa L

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