Aural Delights 70

I caught Norweb at the Free Rock and Roll evening at “Mello Mello” in Liverpool last week and took a liking to their angular, jaunty, post punk sound. I tracked down their EP on Bandcamp and thought it was worth sharing. The new single from Horse Party looks to continue their quality. I’m featuring the new Ought album again (strong contender for album of the year) plus new releases from Christopher Bissonette, Boz Hayward and Collectress (they spell it with a space between each letter but life’s too short I am too busy). There’s another exclusive from Staggs – which is a remix by Mave Mills – and the original is juxtaposed to give you a feel for the sonic alteration. The usual Moff Skellington and Danny Short material is here for your aural pleasure, and there’s a couple of tracks from the newly formed German Shepherd record lable which seems to be taking up more and more of my aforementioned diminishing spare time. Hope you enjoy what is an eclectic mix.


  1. Norweb – Kopti’s Pee Pee Circus – Permission To Spasm
  2. Horse Party – Clarion Call – Single
  3. Ought – Habit – More Than Any Other Day
  4. Christopher Bissonnette – Uniformity is Undesireable – Essays In Idleness
  5. Moff Skellington – Until My Wits Collapse – Villages of Bicycle Rain
  6. DDS – Melt In Two – My Fortress Is Crumbling
  7. Boz Hayward – Resonance – Shortscores
  8. Benjamin Shaw – Goodbye Kagoul World
  9. Collectress – Mouseclover – Mondegreen
  10. Staggs – Ron Was Cool (Mave Mills Sailors Knot Remix) – Pre-release
  11. Twisted Hand – Spear – The Master Tapes
  12. Staggs – Ron Was Cool – Weird Kids EP
  13. KP2 vs Space Museum – Humble Bee – Single
  14. Norweb – Norweb Show You How – Permission to Spasm

The sources for the above are as follows

  2. /
  3. Released on Constellation on April 28th 2014
  4. Released on Kranky on April 7th 2014
  7. Available from Piccadilly Records Manchester
  10. Unreleased as yet
  11. on March 23rd 2014
  14. as 1


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