World of Jazz 68

Reaching the letters Q & R in my run through of the A to Z of the less well known jazz artists – there aren’t that many jazzers whose names start with Q so I thought it best to combine the two



  1. Sonny Rollins – Asiatic Raes – Newk’s Time
  2. Don Rendell & Ian Carr Quintet – Latin Blue – Shades of Blue
  3. Ike Quebec – Me ‘N Ma Babe – The Complete 45 Sessions
  4. Max Roach, his chorus and orchestra – Sunny Afternoon – It’s Time
  5. Antoine Roney – Chief Rahab – The Traveller
  6. Charlie Rouse Quintet – Pretty Strange – Takin’ Care of Business
  7. Phil Ranelin – Vibes from the Tribe (extended) – Vibes from the Tribe
  8. Dizzy Reece – Comin’ On – Comin’ On
  9. Ernest Ranglin – Nuh True – In Search Of the Lost Riddim
  10. Sonny Red – Stairway to the Stars – Out of the Blue


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